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Stephanie Zimmermann’s response to recent Media articles and Productions


It has come to my attention that I was featured in a recent Netflix docudrama. My mother and sister were also featured. Needless to say—with the film’s portrayal of events, and my own personal life story being re-imagined for entertainment purposes on a global streaming platform—it has been a surreal experience and rather hurtful period of time for me.


As those who have known me over the years may recognize, I have been incredibly reserved in sharing information about my family and ask that everyone respect our privacy at this time.


My family has known I’ve been happy and nurturing my relationship with my husband and Twin Flame. They know I am continuing my involvement with Twin Flames Universe after years of personal work to become the confident, grounded, passionate, and powerful woman I am today.


My request for privacy is aligned to the boundaries I’ve carefully established for my well-being, and the unrelated attacks against the TFU community since then, have proven time and time again that my choice was correct and that I deeply needed these boundaries. I wish everyone peace, joy, success, and love in all endeavors.


With Love,


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